Odo realising he's stuck

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Today, 5th June, 2002, Odo passed away.

Always the most inquisitive, athletic and adventurous of the two, her health failed in the last couple of months. Her fighting spirit overcame a bad eye, and a slipped disc, but a recurring respiratory infection proved too much.

Although we and the vet tried everything, she stopped eating and simply didn't have the strength to continue.

Our first little rat, missed so very much. So many happy memories from your life, long for a rat, but far too short for us.

Love always,

Joy and Andrew

Buffy afraid to come out.

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Today, 17th September, 2002, Buffy left us.

The pretty one of our original girls, if not the brightest.

Old age came very quickly to her after we lost Odo.

Now reunited with her sister,

Joy and Andrew