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First, some information about Joy's Horse, Kira (named after the Bajoran Major in Star Trek : Deep Space 9). Then, below are some thumbnails with pictures of Kira. Click on them to go to a larger image.

I should explain that the horse really belongs to Joy. Although I used to ride, I no longer do so (I'm too busy designing this website).

Kira is about 8 years old, and 15 hands high.

She's a sensible cob mare, who has a go at everything. While a bit of a carthorse, she does clean up well and transforms into a show cob for the summer season!

Joy is a member of the British Horse Society (BHS) and the local bridlepath society SAFE (Safety & Facilities for Equestrians). See the Links page for details.

Andrew and Kira fording a river Kira jumping Kira and her foal, Jake 

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