Andrew Yeo's Family Tree


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I'm looking for a beter way to present my family tree, so this is not the final version. I also have information about some of the branches, but only the direct line of descent is included here, so far.

I also have much more information about the individuals, and some pictures. Contact me if you believe you may be related to my branch of the Yeo family

See Full Family Tree (Not Yet Available)

 John Yeo (1782?-1817?)  Mary Furse (????-????) [Married September 1803]
 Thomas Yeo (1806?-????)  Mary Gilbert (1805?-????) [Married March 1827]
 William Yeo (1838-1931)  Mary Grace Grist (1848-1882)
 William John Yeo (1879-1965)  Bessie Dixon (????-????)
 William Albert Thomas Yeo (1922-1999)  Nancy Williams (1914-2001)
Andrew John Yeo (1957- ) Joy Elizabeth Esau (1967- ) [Married 29/09/01]

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